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[The sun has set and Eric's out and about from wherever he took shelter from the sun that day. Since a couple of people mentioned the Underground and a bar called The Raven, Eric has decided he would check out the place and see about some breakfast.

He walks in, stops for a second and eyeballs the place, noticing the d├ęcor is a lot snazzier and high class than his own club. But then, Fangtasia is in Shreveport and there's only so much class the people around there can handle. He takes in all the patrons as he walks toward the bar. He wouldn't mind having a club here. His very own Fangtasia away from home, so to speak. Perhaps he should speak to the owner and get a feel for how business is run.

Eric leans against the bar counter, keeping an eye on the people mingling near him and waited, for either the bartender or anyone who caught his interest.]

[OOC: Anyone who is at The Raven and wants to interact with Eric is free to do so.]